Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dreams shattered...

Finally tenth exams got over....now free....free from books, tuition's,classes, scoldings.With a cup of coffee, remote and a mind full of Plans waiting for dad to come. Finally with a smile on his face dad came in, but I never dreamed that the smile on his face will soon be a sorrow to me.He and mom told that he has taken Voluntary retirement and we are moving to our hometown.What am I hearing?I refused, fought but no use :-(. It was all decided.

Oh God... Why did he do that? Even if so Why are we moving to our hometown? What will happen to my plans? Wont I be seeing my school, friends, my apartment where I lived for 16 years again? Whom do I know at my hometown? No friends..nothing.All new....has to start from scratch.

Asked dad why? Why hometown? He again with a smile replied...I had left that place too early...now that I am getting aged and since my roots are there..I want to spend my life over there. But dad what about us? We don't have any friends over there.

Dad said once you reach there everything is going to be easy. You would love that place.I said him ....Dad I do love that place...but don't want to stay there forever.I like this place..where I have lived so many years...where I have my friends....my memories..my school...everyone and everything in my life is related to this place, So can't we live here.

Expected that dad would change his mind..but after two days when the tickets were reserved I knew that everything is going to be changed. And as expected by me and wished by dad we reached our hometown...a place alien to me.